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After years of sake production, Chiyonosono decided to add a super-premium rice shochu to their production. Their shochu is made in the traditional style that has been prevalent in Japan since its first production in the 1500’s. Chiyonosono crafts their shochu to be able to be enjoyed straight, on the rocks, or in your favorite creative cocktail.


A crisp rice shochu made for true sake lovers from the Junmai sake experts in Japan.

Behind Chiyonosono

The founding Honda family were originally rice wholesalers, but they decided to get into sake brewing in 1896 and the Honda Brewery eventually became today’s Chiyonosono Shuzo Co., Ltd. The historic brewery’s towering chimney is its main symbol. Because the brewery started as a rice wholesaler, Chiyonosono has always paid extra attention to the quality of rice they use whether for sake or for shochu.

Chiyonosono is located on Kumamoto, one of the southern most islands of Japan. This region is often considered a shochu mecca - as many different techniques for shochu making tend to intersect here. 8000 Generations, Chiyonosono’s rice based shochu pays homage to this tradition of shochu production while still being crafted to have a food-friendly and approachable flavor profile.