SummerFall is a sparkling sake handcrafted in California, made with locally sourced rice and enriched by wine fermentation methods. Easy and odd, SummerFall is a harmony of traditional Japanese brewing methods and West Coast ingredients.

Tasting Notes

Light, bright, bubbly & slightly sweet. Notes of pear, citrus, underripe raspberry and sweet tarts.

Food Pairing

This sake tastes better in backyards and on roof tops, made to mingle with everything from tacos to tiramisu.

Tech Details

Classic Bubbles
8 oz
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The Brewery

Wakaze Brewery

Founder Takuma Inagawa and master brewer Shoya Imai combined their Japanese expertise with French influence to create an experimental sakagura making craft sake in Paris, France.

  • The brewery respects tradition while breaking convention, using French ingredients and innovative techniques in their sakes.
  • Toji Shoya-san comes from a famous family of brewers in Gunma, Hijiri and has worked with various breweries across Japan.
  • Wakaze’s philosophy is based on 3 pillars: Intuition + precision. Experimentation + mastery. History + Heart.
Brewery Name:
Wakaze Brewery
Brewery Founded:
Toji (master brewer):
Shoya Imai
Brewery Location:
Paris, France
Brewery President:
Takuma Inagawa