Roberto Cristoforetti, Mary Kate Buckley, and Jean-Philippe Fort brought together Cristoforetti’s most esteemed world wine cultures - Italian, French, and American to make an incredible brand with high quality wines. Located on the Etruscan Coast of Tuscany, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Urlari combines the best of old world traditions and new world innovation to create a unique experience of Tuscany meets Bordeaux.

The 25-acre Urlari vineyard is located in Riparbella, in Tuscany’s coastal Maremma region, four miles from the Tyrrhenian Sea and 12 miles north of Bolgheri, an area that is home to many great Super Tuscan wines. The land was previously used as a sheep’s pasture and the vineyards benefit from the years of natural fertilization. There are no other nearby producers in the area - the isolation combined with frequent strong winds leads to less air pollution and a limited possibility of spread diseases from neighboring vineyards. On a good year, Urlari is nearly organic.

The name, Urlari, comes from the Italian verb "Ulare" meaning to yell or howl and is an homage to allied WWII troops that used the land for hiding and communicated through yells or "Ulare".

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