Blossom of Peace

Local, all-natural aodani plums are soaked in Tozai sake for over three months resulting in an incredibly balanced sake with tart, juicy acidity on the finish. Plum blossoms are known as "The Flowers of Peace" in Japan and symbolize growth, renewal, and awakening.

GRADE Plum Sake
Tasting Notes

Aromas of almond and marzipan followed by plum, apricot, and cherry on the palate. The soft tartness and acidity balance the finish with a slightly sweet smoothness.

Food Pairing

Pair with pulled pork, glazed salmon, or desserts like peach cobbler.

Tech Details

Plum Sake
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The Brewery

Kizakura Brewery

Tozai is the authentically Japanese sake that bridges the gap between East and West and is an invitation for all to enjoy Japanese sake.

• Tozai’s style is approachable for sake pros and novices alike, taking sake out of the “special occasion” category and making it an everyday drink.

• Each Tozai sake is a classic representation of its style and grade.

• Be transported to Japan just by looking at Tozai—the labels feature hand-painted koi fish, traditional Japanese kanji, and origami paper patterns.

Brewery Name:
Kizakura Brewery
Toji (master brewer):
Yoshinori Wakai
Brewery Location: