Sunday's Whisky

The Sunday’s team spent years developing a deep and respected relationship with Sasanokawa, home of Asaka distllery, and master distiller Yamaguchi-san to ensure the highest quality whisky would be produced. Sasanokawa has been producing sake, shochu, and whisky in Fukushima since 1765. Sunday's Whisky is made to be a versatile tool behind any restaurant or at-home bar: a round, mellow and slightly sweet Whisky to be enjoyed straight-up but made to not dilute when added to a classic highball or other cocktail.

Tasting Notes

On the nose aromas of yuzu, sugar snap pea and apple cider donut. The palate shows notes of cocoa, fresh mint, and waffle with a rounded mouthfeel, in part from the soft water source. The finish showcases more sweet baking spice notes with pink peppercorn and barley.

Cocktail Suggestions

Sunday’s Whisky was crafted specifically to be the perfect base of a simple highball. The water of Koriyama and the surrounding area is soft and the result is a round, full-bodied texture that dilutes evenly in a highball or cocktail and bonds to accents such as lemon twists or orange peels.

Tech Details

Sunday’s whisky is aged 3-9 years at cask strength in mostly ex-bourbon casks, with some whisky being aged in port, sherry, and wine casks to allow Yamaguchi-san to perfect the blend utilizing the varying flavors that each cask has imparted. The diurnal temperature shifts of Koriyama allow the casks to expand and contract to accelerate the process of aging. The whisky is then blended before adding the pristine, alkaline water from the nearby springs of Koriyama.
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No less than 3 years
Sasanokawa (home of Asaka)
Water Source:
Koriyama Spring