Virtual Education & Tastings


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Virtual Event Case Study

Wine Virtual Tasting Ideas:

  • Taste the Andes: the Great Wines of Argentina and Chile
  • A Journey of Geology and Climate: tasting through the map of Chilean Wine
  • South American Icons
  • The Magic of Mendoza – the region’s best producers and varietals
  • Passport to South America – travel & taste through the regions of Argentina & Chile
  • Every Night is Wine Night – Wines of $20 and under for dinners at home w/ recipes
  • Sustainable wines from Argentina & Chile
  • Cheers to you, Mom – Mother’s Day Wine Picks

Sake Virtual Tasting Ideas:

  • Cheese & Sake pairing - Find out why it works better than wine pairings!
  • Sake 101 - To engage customers less familiar with the category.
  • Sake + Dinner Pairing w/ recipe
  • Passport to Japan: Sake tasting from different regions
  • Sake Mixology: Sake cocktail class
  • Terroir and Sake: Focus on producers who are focusing on showcasing the diversity of prefectures.
  • Sustainable Sake: Organic, Kosher, Sulfite Free, Tannin Free, sake is a category to dive in to for more health conscious consumers
  • Summer of Sake: Overview of the sake we are stocking up on as the weather starts to get warmer.
  • Sake & Chocolate: And unexpectedly delicious pairing that is easy to do at home.
  • Female Brewer Spotlight: Feature sake produced by female Toji.