Sip On The Savory Side

  • BY Monica Samuels

Savory sake is the perfect drink as we transition into Fall. Find the perfect combination of flavors to match the Autumn spirit!

A great sake to mark the change of seasons - packed with fig, raisin, nutmeg, brioche, and baked banana. Enjoy at room temp in a big wine glass, paired with pumpkin ravioli in a brown butter and sage sauce

KANBARA ANCIENT TREASUREGrade: Yamahai Junmai Genshu Koshu
A special treat for anyone who loves madeira or sherry, and at 12 years aged this sake is sturdy enough to last open in your fridge until Spring. Notes of cocoa, olive oil, caramelized shallot, sea salt, and toffee. Pair with glazed roasted duck for an opulent holiday feast.

MANA 1751 TRUE VISION Grade: Yamahai Tokubetsu Junmai Muroka Genshu
Velvety and rich, this endlessly complex sake has notes of roasted rice, savory yogurt, black pepper, smoke, and marmalade. Try this slightly chilled with smoked brisket or barbequed ribs.

AMA NO TO HEAVEN'S DOOR | Grade: Tokubetsu Junmai
The dedication to rice that is the core philosophy of this brewery is unmistakable in the glass: aromas of steamed rice, white flowers, marzipan, and white chocolate followed by a fine grained minerality and soft mouthfeel. This sake is perfect with the rustic root vegetables of Fall and Winter; try slightly chilled, with roasted celery root with walnuts and thyme

3 years of aging give this sake layered characteristics of black tea, smoky honey, beef bouillon, and braised mushroom. The intensely savory nose is balanced by a surprisingly clean and dry, mineral laced finish. The brewing location for this sake is known as the birth place of shabu shabu; try a riff on this pairing by enjoying this sake slightly warmed with a bowl of Vietnamese pho.

With notes of orange peel, toasted cereal, and clove, this is the quintessential beer lovers sake. Perfect for Chinese takeout night, especially with sesame tofu and boneless spare ribs

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