Sake + Wellness

  • BY Monica Samuels

Now more than ever, consumers are leaning in to wellness! Whether that is investing in more health-related items, starting an at-home workout routine, or choosing healthier food & beverages - we've seen it all rise in the midst of COVID-19 and is now having lasting affects on consumer behavior.

Premium Japanese Sake's growth can no longer be ignored and as this category goes mainstream, we are seeing more health conscious consumers gravitate to the category for its natural, better-for-you attributes.

The Power of Amino Acids

You may have heard of the French Paradox in the 1980's, but could sake be the new paradox for the future? Sake naturally contains far greater amounts of amino acids when comapred to other alcoholic beverages, like beer and wine. And the power of amino acids cannot be denied with links to these compounds lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, preventing type 2 diabetes, reducing the risk of cancer, preventing osteoporosis and more!


It's probably no secret that sake has long been an ingredient in numerous skincare products for its hydrating and anti-aging properties, but we have a few other recipes for you to get the most mileage out of that leftover sake.

  1. Sake Baths - Simply pour a little bit of sake into your next warm bath. The aromatics and restorative properties will make your bathroom into an at-home spa.
  2. Face Masks - Enjoy a night in with Night Swim! Mix 2 tablespoons of Night Swim or other sake into your favorite clay mask powder for an elevated facial that will leave your skin soft and moisturized.
  3. Low Alcohol Cocktails - Try mixing an aromatic ginjo like Tozai Well of Wisdom with chilled green tea and fresh melon garnish for a delightful lower ABV cocktail.
  4. Veggie Friendly - Trying to eat more veggies? Sake is easy to pair with a range of food, including wine-adverse bitter vegetables.

With growing consumer interest in the wellness
category, Japanese sake is primed to take center stage as a more healthful happy hour choice.