Kanpai to World Sake Day!

  • BY Vine Connections

Pour a glass for a friend & celebrate World Sake Day on October 1st! We can’t think of a better way to celebrate than with delicious foods paired with premium Japanese sake. Check out the latest food pairing recipe cards to enhance your Sake Day celebration! Click each card below to view the full recipes.

About World Sake Day

 World Sake Day or "Nihonshu no Hi" is a significant day on the Japanese calendar. The celebrations are held annually on October 1st as the beginning of the 10th month signifies sake's 'New Year's Day.' This tradition started in 1978 and has become a day that Japanese people look forward to because it not only recognizes sake and its contributions to Japanese culture, but commemorates its history and numerous skilled brewers. World Sake Day was declared and recognized by the Japan Sake Brewers Association. Cities around the world celebrate World Sake Day.

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