Argentine Wine

La Posta

Argentina’s best small-family growers express their individual passions with single-grower, single-vineyard wines. Each wine named after a grower family demonstrates the wide range of Malbec aroma and flavor profiles generated by distinct Mendoza appellations.

 La Posta translates to “the tavern,” where the farmers meet to discuss their soils, their vines, their quest for superior flavors, and their passions for life. In collaboration with wine pioneer Laura Catena and esteemed winemaker Estela Perinetti, the hard work and skill of the people behind the wines are expressed in La Posta.

Around the Winery

Escape to Argentina with La Posta’s distinctive grower-specific wines that invite you to explore diverse Mendoza regions.

Angel Paulucci
Domingo Fazzio
Pizzella Family

Behind the Wine

Laura Catena, Owner

Born in Mendoza, Argentina to a pioneering winemaking family, Laura is relentlessly determined in all that she accomplishes. She has helped her father, Nicolas Catena, build the country’s prominence and influence in the New World wine scene. In addition to Luca and La Posta wines, Laura runs Catena Winery and the Catena Wine Institute while living in San Francisco where she is a mother of three, an ER doctor, and an author.

Estela Perinetti, Winemaker

Hailing from a prestigious background in Argentine winemaking, Estelas’s love for winemaking developed from generations of knowledge – her family emigrated from Piedmont, Italy and began making wine in Argentina in the late 1800’s. She has worked for Gascón Wines and led Bodegas CARO (a joint venture between Catena and Domaines arons de Rothschild-Lafite), and is now the head winemaker for Luca and La Posta.